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Embodiment Time is a podcast hosted by Magdalena Weinstein, and dedicated to the evolution of yoga, movement and somatic practices, interviewing a wide variety of contemporary yoga teachers, movement specialists, brain based trainers, coaches and other educators of embodiment practices like Yoga Nidra, Somatic Experiencing and Body work. The time for embodiment is now.
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Mar 19, 2019

In this podcast, Sonali begins talking about her "pick your platform and raise your voice" mentorship program that she has been offering to support women of color. We talked about the importance of honoring the first nations that habitated the land where we live and do business in, she also talks about her TEDx talk about this being the time for women of color to speak their truth and for the dominant race to unspeak, or speak less to activate their sacred hearing.

Sonali talked about her experience with Yoga as a comodified practice, also she mentions the importance of unmelting the cultures and returning to our roots to find deeper meaning. We talk about white privilege and how the system where we are is designed to help white people succeed, and how their privilege can help them serve those people of color and black that the system is not set up for. She says the sooner white people look at those parts of themselves with authenticity, the better.

We talked about white passing women, birracial and multirracial women that don't fit in one identity, like a lot of latinamerican women and myself. She talks about the importance of aknowledging that black women are the most marginalized of all but at the same have a lot to offer to all of us. 

Sonali Fiske is an international speaker and leadership consultant for marginalized & underrepresented visionary womxn and emerging women-identifying leaders. Her private and group programs teach leaders to unearth their cutting edge and deeply rooted messages, to help inform, educate and counter the current cultural zeitgeist. 

Her recent masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Womxn's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories of black, indigenous womxn of color countering the current narrative in leadership and influence.
She also leads storytelling workshops and self-care retreats locally and internationally, and conducts a monthly tele-call entitled "Call to Sacred Activism for womxn leaders" confronting uneasy issues like cultural appropriation, tokenism, and white supremacy. 



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