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Embodiment Time is a podcast hosted by Magdalena Weinstein, and dedicated to the evolution of yoga, movement and somatic practices, interviewing a wide variety of contemporary yoga teachers, movement specialists, brain based trainers, coaches and other educators of embodiment practices like Yoga Nidra, Somatic Experiencing and Body work. The time for embodiment is now.
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Jul 9, 2019

In this conversation, we go with Carrie in a journey through her cultivation of resiliency and synthesis, how she became fascinated with experimental movement, movement analisis and Iyengar Yoga, and the way her work evolved from there. We discussed her relationship with the Iyengar Yoga system, the assessment process in Iyengar Yoga, the vast complexities of the guru-based lineage, the intense, abusive and traumatic experiences that people went through studying in Pune with the Iyengar family, and how they were handled and digested by her and other people in the Iyengar community.

We talked about the importance of giving people permission to explore movement to gain autonomy in their body, instead of following an external authority, and how her Yoga teaching style has evolved primarily in this direction. She also reflects on how much change she has noticed in her students across the world, and how social media and information have increased and intensify this change.

Carrie Owerko has been teaching yoga and exploring the relationship between body, breath, and mind for several years. She holds a Senior Intermediate Iyengar teaching credential, is a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT) and Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms).

Before studying yoga, Carrie earned a BFA in Dance and Theater, and graduated from the renowned Neighborhood Playhouse Theater School in NYC. Carrie then spent several years working for a Movement/Educational/Experimental Theater Company called The Irondale Ensemble Project. In addition to performing with Irondale she taught in the Alternative High Schools in NYC and at Rikers Island Correctional Facility. After Irondale, Carrie continued her inquiry and became a Movement Analyst (CMA) having completed her studies at The Laban Institute in NYC. She has spent years enthusiastically exploring human movement with the intention of helping people develop clearer, more fully embodied communication and expression.

You can find more info about Carrie and her full traveling schedule at:

Here is a link to her last blogpost Risking Connection

She is in Instagram @carrieowerko

Jun 25, 2019

In this talk Nityda discusses the importance of movement for healing and her integration process of Yoga and Social Work. She talks about Yoga philosophy, the influence of African spirituality, and the need to develop skills in action for social justice. We discuss some of the ways in which patriarchy and white supremacy have influenced us and what can we do individually and collectively to heal what is unconscious, with one of the main issues being the lack of inclusivity in the yoga world, with language as a big barrier, and how to minimize the teacher’s position of power in the classroom. We both agree that we require more and more trauma-informed, healing-centered spaces for marginalized groups that need it the most, and she mentions colonization as one of the biggest issue, how descendants of colonizers have a lot of shame and trauma being associated as the oppressor, and how the guru figure arises and is protected by its followers.

Nityda is a licensed somatic psychotherapist, yoga teacher, trauma specialist, speaker, writer, and heart-centered activist, working within the intersections of yoga, mental health, embodied activism, and community advocacy. She is the founder of The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Institute (TCYI) and The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠, a healing modality that marries trauma-informed yoga with somatic psychotherapy practices. She facilitates certification trainings in The Trauma-Conscious Yoga Method℠ online and across the U.S. for mental health professionals, yoga teachers, helping professionals, and survivors interested in learning skills to support their resiliency and post-traumatic growth.

You can find more information about Nytida at

She is also in Instagram as trauma_conscious_yoga_method

May 31, 2019
Here is part 2 of my talk with Yasmin Lambat.
Some of the topics we covered in this talk:
Working with our physiology. Somatic Exploration to tap into the inner wisdom. Patterns in the body and the folding of our fascial fabric.
How Yoga & Pilates experiences led her to pandiculation.
Moving from the heart, intuitive movements focused on self-nurturing to calm the nervous system with “Body Yawn” Therapy. 
Nervous system regulation. Going beyond SNS/PNS and the effects of hyper-arousal on the body. Discovering the "calm state". 
How care & compassion help creating a “safe” state, and how refocusing her work with her clients as an “invitation to explore” has been more effective for individual expression.
We talked about iRest Yoga Nidra, the work of Richard Miller and Steven Levin’s work with Biotensegrity, exploring biotensegrity as interdependency of the WHOLE body. 
Interoception & Exteroception Awareness. How the environment affects the nervous system. Effectiveness of body sensing, dance, and the effects of endorphines/dopamine-driven loud music used frequently in gyms. Cultivating interoception vs the dopamine high.
Going beyond the trauma story, working with the physiology.
You can find Yasmin Lambat at:
May 9, 2019

Some of the topics we covered in this talk:

Yasmin's journey of discovery of the Body, from her transition from the Fitness Industry to her development of Interoception and Somatic Movement via Polestar Pilates and Elizabeth Bussey.

Her encounter with Tom Myers, the influence of the work of Dr Ian Weinberg and Robert Schleip.

The core and the diaphragm, mecanoreceptors and fascia.

The Insula, empathy and how to use motion to heal emotion.

Distress interoception, Vagal tone and the Polyvagal theory of Stephen Porges.

Pandiculation, tension vs intensity and the model of Biotensegrity.

The Calm Response and how to create it in our life, classes and society.


Some of the people mentioned in this talk:

Elizabeth Bussey

Ian Weinberg MD

Robert Schleip PHD


Yasmin is a Registered Somatic Educator with ISMETA, an Inner guidance Coach, and the creator of BodySensing Body Yawn Somatic Fascial Unwinding™. She has a fascination for fascia, biotensegrity and the body as designed by nature, it’s ability to self-heail and self-restore, unwinding emotional patterns through myofascial movement. Her journey has taken her from fitness to wholeness, shedding posture for embodiment, alignment for integrity and taking the focus away from body mechanics to body sensation. It was not always that way.  Her background in Fitness and Pilates began with a cognitive approach to Anatomy and Biomechanics, until she was awakened by an inner awareness from her early experiences of Somatic Practices like Feldenkrais, Bartenieff and Trager. 

For more information, visit her website at:  or through Yasmin Lambat at Facebook and Bodysensing at Instagram. Also, you can connect directly with her via email at:

Apr 3, 2019

Some of the topics covered in this talk with Laurel:

The story behind her pedagogic skills, growing up surrounded by teachers and conversations around pedagogy, and her teaching experience previous to yoga.

Her critical thinking process and her yoga training journey through Yoga Works and Yoga Tune Up®.

The difference in between Yoga Works and the guru-based model of Iyengar Yoga, and about the horizontal vs the vertical model of apprenticeship.

The challenges of training new yoga teachers and the culture of yoga in India, in the West, and how to honor yoga while using it in a way that feels relevant to the people we are sharing it with.

Kinesiopathologizing, in contrast to Movement Optimism, from the lens of Dr. Greg Lehman

The mistake that movement specialists make in terms of trying to fix posture, vs exposing people to a variety of movement.

Reflections about the state of the vast majority of yoga teachers around right and wrong posture and movement.

Yoga teacher scope of practice.

Reflections about the essence of yoga.


Laurel Beversdorf, B.F.A, E-RYT 500, is the creator of Yoga with Resistance Bands Classes and Trainings and Body of Knowledge™ Anatomy and Biomechanics workshops. A Yoga Tune Up® trainer and senior teacher and teacher trainer for YogaWorks, Laurel regularly presents trainings and workshops at locations and studios across the US and the world. Laurel is an interdisciplinary movement educator specializing in anatomy, biomechanics and yoga teaching pedagogy, based out of YogaWorks in NYC. You can learn more about her online classes and workshops at

Mar 19, 2019

In this podcast, Sonali begins talking about her "pick your platform and raise your voice" mentorship program that she has been offering to support women of color. We talked about the importance of honoring the first nations that habitated the land where we live and do business in, she also talks about her TEDx talk about this being the time for women of color to speak their truth and for the dominant race to unspeak, or speak less to activate their sacred hearing.

Sonali talked about her experience with Yoga as a comodified practice, also she mentions the importance of unmelting the cultures and returning to our roots to find deeper meaning. We talk about white privilege and how the system where we are is designed to help white people succeed, and how their privilege can help them serve those people of color and black that the system is not set up for. She says the sooner white people look at those parts of themselves with authenticity, the better.

We talked about white passing women, birracial and multirracial women that don't fit in one identity, like a lot of latinamerican women and myself. She talks about the importance of aknowledging that black women are the most marginalized of all but at the same have a lot to offer to all of us. 

Sonali Fiske is an international speaker and leadership consultant for marginalized & underrepresented visionary womxn and emerging women-identifying leaders. Her private and group programs teach leaders to unearth their cutting edge and deeply rooted messages, to help inform, educate and counter the current cultural zeitgeist. 

Her recent masterclass on "Dismantling White Dominance in Womxn's Entrepreneurship" went viral, and centered the stories of black, indigenous womxn of color countering the current narrative in leadership and influence.
She also leads storytelling workshops and self-care retreats locally and internationally, and conducts a monthly tele-call entitled "Call to Sacred Activism for womxn leaders" confronting uneasy issues like cultural appropriation, tokenism, and white supremacy. 



Sonali Fiske's website

Pick Your Platform and Raise Your Voice

Layla F. Saad. Me and White Supremacy workbook

Catrice M Jackson. Antagonists, Advocates & Allies

Rachel Cargel. Helping confront white feminism

Rachel Rickets. Antiracism Resources

Lisa Renee Hall. The 4 types of ancestors

Red Table Talk

Feb 26, 2019

Erin Jade is a Yoga and Movement Teacher, Massage Therapist and Applied Neurology Educator with a mission to spread brain-based perspectives into the world of Yoga and Movement via online courses and a monthly membership. Her writings about the business of teaching yoga and challenges of transitioning into other modalities inspired her serialized audiobook as a podcast The Whole Beautiful.

In this conversation Erin takes us in her personal story growing up, teaching Yoga and as a Massage Therapist and transitioning into Brain-Based Education. The struggles, the realizations, the relevance of neurology in our modern movement landscape, the importance of training the visual and vestibular systems, and the potential of training neurologically for athletes, adults and beyond that, for children. We talked about plank and the core, diastasis recti, and the love for movement beyond labels. Erin introduces us to body and brain maps, and pain science. We talk about FRC and Z health and the importance of range of motion and joint mobility.

Modalities we talked about:

Functional Range Conditioning, Z-Health, AMN Academy, Integrated Kinetic Neurology

Erin is currently reading:

Second Nature: How Parents Can Use Neuroscience to Help Kids Develop Empathy, Creativity, and Self-Control. Erin Clabough

Feb 15, 2019

In this episode, Trina Altman talks about her beginnings in Yoga and Pilates, her trip to India, how she created Pilates Deconstructed® and Yoga Deconstructed®. We also discuss the state of Yoga, how much it has evolved through exposure to social media, about the importance of connecting and sharing opinions and of evolving beyond the black and white perspective. We discussed her interdisciplinary approach, the importance of practicing a variety of movements and learning from teachers that encompass the big picture. I asked her what does yoga postures mean to her, and we talked about Matthew Remsky's new book and the subject of abuse in the yoga world.

Books discussed in the talk:

Explain Pain. David Butler & G. Lorimer Moseley

Mindful Movement: The Evolution of the Somatic Arts and Conscious Action. Martha Eddy

Practice and all is coming. Matthew Remski

Feb 8, 2019

Noelle is a great mover, a deep thinker and an explorer of the human condition from her perspective as woman, mother and teacher. This conversation went through many relevant subjects for Yoga Teachers and Movement Educators, as much as for anybody wanting to learn more about movement reeducation, natural movement, training smart, NLP and mindset.

Follow Noelle's journey in Instagram at @noelleofthewild and through her soon to be developed website: rebelnomads

Some of the topics covered in this talk is her journey growing up, her current life in a boat a mile away from shore parenting two girls, training with a mace, her whole yoga and movement journey, and how she dares to be honest and expose real issues in a world that wants to hide them.

Some of the books and people mentioned here are:

Blue mind. Wallace J. Nichols

The Polyvagal Theory. Stephen Porges

Braiding Sweet Grass. Robin Wall Kimmerer

Jill Miller

Hunter Fitness


instagram links for mace training:





Feb 2, 2019

Sarah is a deep thinker and a mature and grounded Yoga Teacher based in Philadelphia specialized in adaptive yoga and classes that help people slow down in these times of increased acceleration. We had a great and diverse conversation that went from travels around the world, writers block, formal yoga practice and paying attention to that which has been obscured, The Roll Model and the Coregeous ball, yes or not to headstand, SAID principle, FRC and being in control, practicing surrendering, from surviving to thriving, social media implications, being raised in a liberal environment and working with traumatic brain injuries.

20 Questions For 2018

A Guide to Better Movement. Todd Hargrove

Donna Farhi: Post-Lineage Pedagogy


Other people mentioned:

Trina Altman

Jules Mitchell

Laurel Beversdorf

Andreo Spina

Seth Godin